Sunday, January 1, 2012


So to circumvent the issue of having to sign out and in and out and in as various gmail identities...I'm going to try composing my blog posts in an email. And utilizing the mobile posting option on the blog.

This is a test of that functionality.

I hope it works!

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I have a journal. You know, the real kind...paper, bound in a book form...nice leather cover. And I do write in it...every few months. I like it, but somehow I find it hard to keep up regularly. I'm at a computer nearly all the time, so I find it easier to keep up on this blog. So, that's what this blog is for. To help me journal when I'm away from my journal. A place to collect my thoughts before I lose them to the chaos of my mind.

Or see my first post here. That's why I started this blog.