Monday, August 15, 2011

Mildly Irritated

I love my husband, I do, but sometimes...I just...get annoyed. For instance, I recently purchased some clothes for little Wiggles. Size 18 months and 2T. Now, I grant you, I do have a problem - a bad habit, if you will - of buying baby clothes. I love to shop the clearance racks and pick out amazing finds for $2. Sometimes they're a bit more spendy but I'm always looking for that $2 deal. As such, most of Wiggles' bottom dresser drawer is full of clothes that were bought on clearance. Ranging from 18 mos to 3T in size. Because, it makes sense to me, to buy ahead on clearance and save in the long run, as long as we have the room in that bottom drawer.

Mr. Random...doesn't get it quite so much. And gets frustrated that I'm buying so many clothes Wiggles doesn't "need". And it occurred to me this morning as we were trying to determine if my latest purchase was "needed" that Mr. Random still doesn't quite understand baby clothes sizing. Yes, these latest purchases are size "18 mos". No, that does not mean we have to wait until the little guy is 18 mos for him to wear them!

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