Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Family Reunions

Did I blog about the last time I tried to plan a family reunion? It was roughly 2 years ago...right before we found out we were expecting little Wiggles. At the time, it had been a year since all of my side of the family had been together - and the last time we'd all seen each other at once had been for Grandpa's funeral. Not wanting such unhappy occasions to be the only time we all gathered, I thought maybe we should plan a purposeful reunion.

Hah! The misery this brought onto myself!  Mr. Random told me I was on a fool's errand, and he was correct. No one could agree on a location for the event. My family was spread across 4 states at the time, and while I suggested a few relatively central and scenic locations (actually, we were going to have to travel the furthest of anyone) there was no consensus. Everyone wanted it to be held in their hometown. Ugh! Seriously?

And the trend continues.  Sporadically, cousins email me asking when we're going to have our family reunion. At this rate? Never. Because every time I suggest something, someone has a problem with it and consequently, won't come.

What is even the point then? You guys say you want a family reunion...but only if we all show up at your door? Only if it doesn't cost you anything to do it?


It's impossible when 80% of the family all share this attitude.

And it's a little heart breaking.

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