Thursday, March 24, 2011


So I just had a big exam and in truth, I did not prepare for it very well.  I really didn't.  I only read about half of the papers I should have and half-assed my reading of many of the ones I did actually "read".  I barely prepped for the exam.  It's a 2 parter - this exam - and I just did the written part.  The oral part is coming up in 2 weeks.  Advisor has given me some feedback on the written part and the general consensus is that I passed...but it was a low pass.

And I feel morose.

Mr. Random is kind of annoyed by this - his points out that considering my amount of prep work, a pass at all is a good thing.  He has a point.  So why am I so morose?  Is it because I didn't pass with my usual Gold Star Standard?  Maybe.  But I'm also a bit concerned at why I was so unmotivated to prep.  And why I continue to be fairly unmotivated.  Am I just overwhelmed?  Or is this postpartum depression?  Or something else entirely?

I'm not sure...but I've been in this funk for about a week at least....maybe longer but I've really noticed it the past several days.  If it doesn't end soon I'm going to have to go talk to someone...


  1. Keep monitoring your funk and if it gets worse- please talk to someone. I wonder what is going on- you'd think when the weather is getting better it would make moods get better- but like you I'm feeling a bit morose lately [though working hard to fight that feeling] and have talked to others who are also saying the same thing. I heard day lights savings times can play apart too? Even when we have more daylight. Anyways- I'm sorry about the school situation- and Mr. Random. Ugh. Hang in there. And good for you for being aware and ready to address it if you need to.

  2. Thanks for the comment! It helps hearing that maybe it's that time of year or something since others are feeling similarly...


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