Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mr. Random is Awesome

I can't go on enough about how great Mr. Random has been so far.  I mean, he was an awesome husband before, but starting with labor, he just really stepped up in every single way.  I really feel lucky to have such a loving and capable husband.

He helped me through labor without drugs by being encouraging and massaging pressure points.  I responded in kind by not crushing his hand, not yelling at him (not even once), and even refraining from swearing during the miraculous event.

Then, while in the hospital, he changed every diaper.  This from a guy who has very limited experience with babies!  He also quickly became the expert in swaddling and still swaddles the little guy way better than I do.  He's also able to calm him down when I can't.  In short...awesome husband, and awesome dad.  Lucky me.

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  1. I am sooo sorry to be late with this... but CONGRATULATIONS!!! How wonderful that your hubby has stepped up to the plate so readily. My poor husband still struggles with the newborn (and early infant) stage -- he's much better when the kiddos become mobile. Hope you are catching rest while you can!!


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