Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Loan Modification

We recently had a garage sale at our house. No, it has not sold yet, but it is reportedly still being shown. Here's hoping someone makes an offer before the auction date! We've been receiving notices that it will be auctioned this July. GREAT. That's before the baby comes, PLEASE, by all means, do what you have to do. Let's get this done.

But when we were at the house for the garage sale we found another piece of mail on the counter. Something that'd been FedExed...from the bank. I thought it would be another notice about the auction. It was not.

It started with the words "Dear Mr. & Mrs. Random, thank you for your recent phone call..."


I haven't talked to the bank in at least a month. I stopped trying because until we have an offer on the house, they don't give a rat's behind. Reading further it became apparent that this was not a notice of auction, but in fact, an invitation and application for a loan modification. Through the Making Home Affordable program.

What. The. Hell.?

I called you for a year requesting this. I last called you regarding this matter in OCTOBER, at which time I was promised the very papers in my hot little hand within 45 calendar days. On the 45th day I signed the papers to sell the house. You're a BIT behind the times. "recent phone call", huh? By who's standards? That was SIX months ago. Further, I've submitted the documents you want and the application forms multiple times, both by fax, and certified mail. I'll be damned if I'm doing it again.

Unfortunately, we decided FIVE months ago - when no modification materials appeared - to let the house go, either by short sale or foreclosure, whichever happened first. Further, Mr. Random's new job makes living in the house unfeasible.

But thanks. We really appreciate the offer.

If you are hoping to get a loan modification for yourself - apparently, you have to miss your payments. Like, 4 of them. And wait until they've started foreclosure proceedings, and your credit is in the toilet. Then, and only then, will the Bank begin to think that maybe offering a modification might be a good option. Good to know.

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