Thursday, April 8, 2010


So, in a little over an hour, I have an appointment for my "big" ultrasound. The anatomy scan. The one where you can find out if your little one is a boy or a girl if you're so inclined. The one where you can find out if something is seriously wrong...or more hopefully, that everything looks perfect! It's kind of a big deal. I think it's become something of a right of passage of modern pregnancy.

When I made my first OB appointment I discussed with Mr. Random which appointments he wanted to come to, and which ones I wanted him to come to. We both agreed that we'd like him at as many as possible...but realized he probably couldn't make everyone. I told him the big scan was the only one that really mattered to me. Any others would be icing on the cake.

Well, he went to work an hour early with the plan to get off at 2pm. It is now 2:15 pm...and he's still working. Why? Because he got a client on the phone that he has a good chance of getting to sign up. He needs to get a certain number of people signed up each session, and has yet to get a single one. Which I know frustrates him. And he wants so badly to do well at this job. And I'm sure, in his head, he thinks that by staying at work he's choosing his family. To support them by succeeding and providing an income.

But I don't see it that way. At all. Even if he were to get fired (which could happen if he doesn't get enough clients)...he'd find something else. I just feel like going to this appointment with me is so much more important. And. I'm hormonal. And crying.

I'm just so frustrated. And sad.

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